Sunday, November 14, 2010

little white dress

Just finishing the tiny couture.


  1. To the ever talented Terri,

    My goodness my gracious. I wanted to zoom in, so I ran to flickr first to get a nice detailed look at these.

    They are not only exquisite, they are scultpural in themselves, ethereal yet strong at the same time. The design of each one is unique, utterly ingenious and positively radiates high couture fashion.

    I cannot wait to see these on the girls, my favourite is the one to the far left, that collar is so regal!

    At the same time I love the skirt of the middle one, just tender and flirty and fae, and the neckline of the far right piece is utterly sweet.

    These are incredible terri.. I am amazed!!

  2. Stop! Your making me blush...on second thought... Keep going!

  3. Then it's my turn to sing you praises after Monika's thoughful words!

    I admire how you were inspired by ED but achieved your own philosophy through the austere porcelain beauties, the elusive white forest, the sculptural couture... I can hardly wait to see what's next.

  4. Monika, guys are the best! Thank you.