Sunday, January 2, 2011

Three stages of porcelain


  1. this is all so fascinating. Thankyou for sharing...

  2. Hi it's my nune2010.
    I was wondering about the stages.
    My process is to
    1. Take the doll out of the mold.
    2.Sand the whole parts and use the brushes with the water to make the skin soft and fine.
    3. Bake them in the Klin with 1250 C.
    4. Make up and bla bla bla.
    Now I'm interested in SWGF ( I saw from ED)
    It is???
    1. Take the doll out of the mold.
    2. Bake them at 650 C to 950 c.
    3. Clean and dp the SWGF, sand and clean them.
    4. Bake them again at the 2n process.
    5. Cheack and do the final adjust,..
    6. Put the whole things in the klin at 1250 c
    7. make up and bla bla bla...
    with these method, do you think I am going to a right direction? Thank you for sharing the fascinating tips to us.

  3. Hi Nune!

    Your process is a good one if it works for you stick to it.

    I add the extra step so I can make the porcelain as smooth as possible. I'm a little obsessive about the smooth finish.

    My process:
    1. Take doll from the mold.
    2. Cut openings, drill holes.
    3. Dry for 2-3 days.
    4. Fire at cone 018.
    5. Soak all parts in distilled water. Sand entire part with soft sponge to remove seams and clean any irregularities (I use a soft brush for face and hands).
    6. Polish all parts with a lint free cloth to remove scratches for a glass like finish.
    7. Dry for 3 days and fire to cone 6.
    8. Sand one more time with fine grit sand sponge.
    9. Ready to paint and assemble.

    I hope this is helpful.

  4. I love your dolls !!!! Really ! Do you sell them ??

    PS : what do SWFG mean ?

  5. Thank you Eska! I do sell them. I'm working my way through a waiting list. I'm happy to add you as well. Send a note to

    SFGW means Soft Fired GreenWare. Greenware is porcelain that is dry but has not been fired. Soft firing is partially firing the ware so it can be cleaned easier.

  6. Hi Teri.
    I posted reply here more than 5 times and the it's already on the web. Suddenly, it's just gone. I will check again.

  7. Hi Nune,

    I just checked my email and the reply is there but not here...very strange.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  8. OK
    The previous letter was:
    Thank you very much Teri. Actually my doll working process after the mold take time around 7-8 days for five dolls. But the SFGW process is something very new for me,and it seems"practical" for the work. Ofcourse, I will let you know what I think about the SFGW. It might be more complicated but if it works for me,I'm willing to spend more time on it.

    Many things that I need to skip while I'm working on the doll like sanding, cutting, polishing, but there are some processes that can be rewarding also like painting, sclutping,assembling....

    I've seen your new hands and foot. I should improve my doll hands as the hands are very fragile. Your doll has a strong characterestics as the anime with long legs and story,which they are lovely!

    If you have something to talk to me, or need any help, just let me know. I will be happy for this.
    Have a Nice day, Teri.
    Thank you very much indeed,