Wednesday, May 11, 2011

tiny hand

Next to my big one. Gives you an idea of the small size. 12 inches.


  1. this is my new favourite photo of yours, she looks so strong and beautiful and i love her size!
    i can't wait til i can have one of your girls.

    what i love about your latest dolls is that they have a dark side as well as a light side.


  2. Finally Blogger is back up!

    Your so sweet Annina!

  3. Hello Aubergune.

    I do sell them. Soon I'll be opening my etsy shop and will start selling some there as well.

    Thanks for asking!

  4. Love, love, your beautiful dolls!!! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. ooh an etsy shop is planned? i would definitely love to know all about it! :D