Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Porcelain Pendants

Last year I made a few pendants from one of my broken faces and they came out nice so I decided to make a few more.

They are available to purchase in my etsy shop here.

Note about comments.

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog and to those who take the time to post comments. I always appreciate your support and thoughtful words.  Unfortunately I have been unable to post reply's or comment on other blogs for about 6 months. Blogger keeps telling us this problem will be solved and I will wait patiently until it is.

Until then I apologize for leaving your comments here unanswered but don't let that stop you from writing!


  1. Great to see new updates, Terri!

    I own one of these precious face pendants and it is sublime.

    ps. congrats on opening your etsy shop :)

  2. I too am thrilled to see the opening of your etsy shop!! I adore the girl with the closed eyes, I haven't seen her in doll form yet though!!