Friday, December 17, 2010

Opening molds

Just poured the second doll. I begin by opening the smallest parts first and quickly work my way through all the molds. Each part is carefully removed from the mold and the openings are cut and the holes are drilled. Before they dry I like to double check all parts and make sure they fit together perfectly. It's my little porcelain puzzle.

Success so far!


  1. So nice to see your progress Teri! The opened mold looks so much like my own mold, nice! The little lumps of clay on the leg (first picture) is to cover a pinhole right? I'm still very mad at them =) I've got tons of pinholes on my first casting.

  2. Yes guessed it! I don't like those pesky pinholes either so I over fill them to make sure they don't reappear.

    BTW...your work is amazing! i love the latest face there's so much detail.

  3. This is exciting to see, all those little parts scattered about... looks like you have a lot of work ahead, but I know how rewarding it will be :-)

    *cheer cheer*