Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White wig

Working on a new wig!

I want a more natural look with this one so I'm using alpaca hair because it's soft and fine, almost cotton like. Alpaca can be knotted and still come out looking smooth and natural. I'm trying a new knot or a locked loop for the part so the knots don't show. For the rest of the wig I'm using a single knot. Once all the knots are in place I like to go through and tighten any knots that may have come loose. Then I turn the wig inside out and apply a thin layer of glue to keep the knots in place.

A true labor of love!


  1. Teri, that is magnificent. Where did you get that lovely alpaca?

  2. Thank you Jayne!

    I found it at

    The hair is like silk. I love it!

  3. Wow, you put so much effort into these! I like to just glue my wigs to infinity :-P

    Even your progress shots are beautiful to look at!

  4. Gluing would be smarter but I seem to make a big mess when I mix glue and hair.

    I'm addicted to the rhythm of the knotting method. I can't go back.

  5. Very nice!!! The wig looks very soft, but how do you keep her on the head?