Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I love working with porcelain! Porcelain compels you to slow down and take care at every step. Compels you to learn the processes involved and understand the medium. The dramatic change from liquid to a solid glass-like object is beauty! What a pleasure!


  1. keep doing your best. I love her legs, like a model!!

  2. i love reading your blog, and looking at the photos of your process, so inspiring!
    are you on flickr? i love to favourite photos there. ;)

  3. She is beautiful, even unstrung. Looking forward to seeing her face-up, then after she has been strung (or sprung?)

  4. Finally I can post comments again!

    Chaiyan, many hours of sanding makes smooth shapely legs.

    Annina, I will set up a flickr account soon.

    M13, they will be sprung! Working on that face.