Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Drying Time

All molds have been cast, holes drilled, openings are cut and smoothed. The parts are very delicate at this stage almost chalk like so I'm waiting until they are soft fired before I clean them and remove the seams. Once everything is bone dry I can soft fire to a cone 018. Soon!


  1. teri!!! its a amazing work!!! ineed a little healp ... can you put on your blog more pictures of your mold? im plannig to make mane next weak so i need ideas... how you keep your doll's torso hollow in the hip area (joints) and to the upper torso in the spot that connected with the lower?
    thanks !!! and sorry for the too many questions im new in the bjd world...

  2. The openings are cut in after they come out of the mold during the 'leather hard' stage. Take a look at the torso photo and you will see it before i cut the leg joints. All opening's are cut at this time. I hope this answers your question. I'll add photos of this step the next time I pour. Good luck!

  3. Hi Teri,

    What wonderful job that you have done so far! I cannot wait to see your doll :) I love how you post photos of the process - maybe one day I will give it a try making my own porcelain BJD :)