Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Test Fire 2

Just finished casting for the second test fire. As soon as the parts are dry I will do it all again. Soft fire to 018, wet clean, dry two days, then fire to cone 5. Hopefully this will solve the problems and i will have a nice smooth, translucent doll.

China paints are on the way! Next step...adding personality with paint!

During the slip casting process I took careful notes of problem spots, parts that stuck in the mold or cracked when being removed or just needed to be refined. Everything shows in porcelain...flaws can't hide. As I worked, I marked the original sculpt with a red pencil for later corrections. All problems have been reworked and refined. Now I am ready to begin making new plaster molds. From these molds I will cast a doll I can be proud of...I hope.

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